Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 1 Down

Well, I lost my requisite pound and a half. This is so minuscule for a first week but I am trying not to sweat it because after all, I did meet my weekly goal. Plus it turned into a less than stellar week.

Things really started out swimmingly. I met with my trainer and had a great couple sessions with him. He's funny and somewhat awkward... so y'know, we get along well. I was waking up early, hitting the gym before work, eating breakfast... EVEN drinking water. (Anyone who knows me fairly well knows that I don't drink without a very conscious effort.) Things were going along so well that I decided I would be extra productive on Wednesday and go grocery shopping on my lunch break. This was a great plan as I find grocery shopping at the Winter Park Village Publix to be like therapy. It turns out mid-day therapy is wonderful! Probably the equivalent of naptime in kindergarten. So I bought all kinds of healthy fruit and veggies.

It was as I was pulling back into the parking lot at work that I realized there was steam coming out of the hood of my car. And I suppose that was a better time for this to start happening than when I was driving down the road but... still not so great. So I brought my groceries inside and I called AAA and had them tow my poor Camry to the same place they towed it exactly one year ago at this time. Turns out my radiator cracked. There are more expensive things that could have died but unplanned car costs are never that much fun to deal with.

Luckily I have lovely people in my life who were willing to drive me around while my car was in the shop but... my groceries ended up living in the fridge at work for a couple days and getting to the gym was certainly out of the question.

And then Friday I don't even know what set it off but I got hit with one hell of a poopy mood that is still lingering a bit right now. So in reference to my last post of not allowing things to frustrate me and wondering how long that would last in practice... 2.5 days. And of course that makes me even more frustrated that I let myself be manipulated so easily. Sigh.

Anyway, I am determined to get back on track both physically and mentally this week. I can do it. Why not?

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