Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project Marcus

It all started with an intern. A somewhat ravenous high school boy who worked at the theatre last summer.

One day I brought in the Rachael Ray caramel banana cupcakes I had been eying for a few months. Saying he enjoyed them would be an understatement. He asked when I would bring more and I explained to him that my baking was not any kind of regular thing but I would see what I could do.

The following week Michael Jackson passed away and I brought in Grand Marnier cupcakes with strawberry icing. He devoured these even faster... to the tune of 5 within the first 30 minutes they were in the building.

Anyway, he inspired me. So in the back of my head... Project Bake has always been called Project Marcus. And if I ever open my little dream bake shop (which will alas not be called Good Day Bakery since that is taken by a place in Salt Lake City) I will probably instate a rule that anyone named Marcus can get a free cupcake.

With valid ID of course.

And for those of you wondering what this project entailed exactly... or for those of you who are curious as to what you ate during the past 10 months... I present the first video I have ever edited together. Complete with remarkably unflattering camera angles, ridiculous facial expressions, and my very annoying voice (how do people stand listening to me???). Anyway... I'm pretty proud... so...

So Project Bake is over. It's done. Complete. Grand finale a week ago today. Which David Lee said is the best thing I've ever made so maybe I progressed and that's cool. I certainly got really awesome at separating eggs. And I can make one hell of a Swiss meringue buttercream.

Yeah, 38 recipes. A whole lot of kitchen clean up. Some new baking dishes, and bowls, and a mixer. A smattering of liqueurs. I have no idea how much money. That part doesn't really matter because the point is... I finished something that I started! That doesn't happen as often as it should. I get excited about things and then kinda drop them. But this I stuck with and looked forward to every week and it ended up being a very nice consistent thing in my life when I definitely needed consistency. So it was a good project. I had fun.

Next paragraph no transition. My favorite thing in the videos is watching how long my hair has gotten between the first and the last video. My hair hasn't been this long in years. It's neat. Yay progression. My face has probably grown as well. So oddly enough, Project Bake is being followed by Project Weight Loss.

I just joined a gym and even signed up for some personal training sessions. This will probably not last long because it's not like I actually have the income to spend on a trainer but... I have a gym membership, and I'll see her for awhile and... it's all about goals. So Project Bake done. Project Weight Loss on the horizon. And life is good.

Oh... and if anyone wants a recipe... I still have them all.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Is New

I just wrote this whole thing. And published it. I thought. It deleted itself.

Let this not be a sign of how things will go on this blog.

Long story short because I don't feel like re-typing everything. I like having mini-goals... regardless of how inane they are. I like the silly constant they provide. So this is where I will document them.

I started my first project nearly a year ago. It's done and there is lots of documentation to catch up on. I will do this soon.

This is not a food blog. Or a craft blog. Or a weight loss blog. It's probably a little of all those things... interspersed with the life that often rears its ugly head (or pleasantly surprises me... let's not be negative right off the bat here).

May Project Blog commence. Who's excited? I'm excited!