Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Is New

I just wrote this whole thing. And published it. I thought. It deleted itself.

Let this not be a sign of how things will go on this blog.

Long story short because I don't feel like re-typing everything. I like having mini-goals... regardless of how inane they are. I like the silly constant they provide. So this is where I will document them.

I started my first project nearly a year ago. It's done and there is lots of documentation to catch up on. I will do this soon.

This is not a food blog. Or a craft blog. Or a weight loss blog. It's probably a little of all those things... interspersed with the life that often rears its ugly head (or pleasantly surprises me... let's not be negative right off the bat here).

May Project Blog commence. Who's excited? I'm excited!


  1. I'm excited. Will there be any baking involved? OK. You know I had to post that. Love you!