Monday, June 21, 2010

The Adventures of Ninjeena and Lil Ms. Berryhead

At least Lil Ms. Berryhead is still smiling.

Don't nothin' get her down!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 4 - Gah!

I'm decidedly late posting this. Saturday is supposed to be my update day but I have been avoiding this particular week. Mostly because Project Weight Loss is about to be renamed Project Fail. My number is going in the wrong direction. And I can't even blame Fringe this week. In fact, I nearly avoided Fringe altogether to combat my desire for cider and kettle corn. But I still had a rather awful food week. I was doing alright... not great... and then in the wee hours of Thursday morning an awful dream crept into my poor sleepy head. Worst one I have had in awhile. One of those wakes you up crying dreams.

Anyway, being the ridiculously emotional girl that I am, I suppose I allowed it to effect my entire day. Skipped the gym. And ate a whole bunch of bad for me stuff. And even without the dream, Thursday itself was not at all on my list of best days I've ever had. So it all flowed into Friday also.

Being an emotional girl is taxing, and being naive gets me into trouble sometimes... but I'd still take both of those traits over the jaded skeptic any day. (Granted that I have found it's good to have one or two of those jaded skeptics around to tell me to shut up and stop being a baby when I need to hear it.)

Anyway, onto the next week. I know I will probably not hit my goal this week but at least I can start catching up. I bought good for me food and am actually eating it. I did get lunch out today but it was a salad. And I am guzzling green tea and water.

That being said, I am badly prepped for tomorrow. I have not packed my lunch nor have I gotten my gym stuff together. Perhaps I can wake up extra early to do it in the morning. Fiscal year rollover at work today put me at my desk at 6:15. And after going to sleep last night at 1 - I am a tired Gina and don't think I will be seeing much more of June 1st.