Monday, July 18, 2011

Moving Right Along

Still on track with Day Zero... although I've made some adjustments. I'm sure there will be more. This is an ever-evolving list.

#4 - Apply for my dream job. Done. Probably don't have a snowball's chance in hell but I have been waiting for years for this job to post. And it did. And I sent them my stuff last night. Oddly enough I am less concerned about getting the job than getting the chance to apply for it. It could be an exercise in futility but... how many people get the chance to apply for the job they have wanted for 10 years. Here is at least 1.

#25 - Amended - Document half a year in pictures. Yeah, so, I am calling it quits on pic of the day. Frankly it got boring and became a tedious undertaking rather than something inspiring. But I went 7 months strong and it made me start taking pictures again. So that is pretty darn worth it to me.

#49 - Make a new friend. I probably made a few. I mean, I work in a place where people are pretty close knit despite the fact that they come and go on a constant basis. Sometimes it just takes a person leaving for you to realize how much of a friend they were.

Now with the demise of pic of the day I am feeling inclined to take on a new long term goal. For the next six months I am going to keep a "my day in 10 words" journal. I'll probably put it on here so as to keep track of it... and theoretically will start tonight. Y'know... after most of the day is done. So watch out... daily updates around the corner.

Speaking of journals... I had an epiphany today. I talk too damn much. Now, my life is an open book and I don't have trouble telling people things if they ask. I like that. The problem is... they don't always have to ask. I just blab. So... with the exception of a friend who is basically like my personal journal (and she doesn't read this blog but if she did she would know who she is), I'm making a concerted effort to stop. I have too much drama... and although I have generally worked with the notion that bottling things just made them more dramatic... I don't know that the current plan is necessarily working. A few years ago when my life got crazy I started writing morning pages like a fiend. I am still convinced that had it not been for them I would not have made it through that time. Now, I am in no way planning to start The Artist's Way right now. That's too big of an undertaking for the moment. But I do look forward to taking up journaling. Actual factual pen to paper and only I read it journaling. Hell, I miss writing. This could be good on many levels.

I went Redbox crazy this past weekend. 4 movies at once. The Company Men was decidedly meh. Exactly what I expected and not a bit more. Plus a protagonist who I found it difficult to sympathize with. The Black Swan was fantastic. Holy crap Darren Aronofsky. With the exception of The Wrestler sending me spinning into depression for a short while... you are becoming one of my favorite directors. How Do You Know was far better than I expected it to be. I got it because sometimes you just need a brainless chick flick in the background so you can decompress. I had no idea I would actually like it! My girl crush on Reese Witherspoon probably helped it. And then I watched Beastly. Which was... ok. I like fractured fairy tales and teenybopper movies... and Neil Patrick Harris. And yeah, it was cute... but this is what it left me with. Of all the supernatural and ridiculous aspects of the movie, the one that blew my mind the most is that this creepy guy was tasked with finding love in a year. What were you thinking Mark-Kate Olsen??? That's a huge project for a hot person let alone someone who is all funky looking and doesn't go outside! Finding love in a year? Far less believable than an emo chick casting a spell on some annoying preppy guy at a dance. Seriously!

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