Monday, October 25, 2010

#51 - Because I Am an Inspiration

So I love my Day Zero Project so much and am so happy with what it is doing for my life... one of the things on my list was to inspire someone to make a list of their own. Mission accomplished and thank you Brooke for jumping in on this kick-ass idea.

In all honesty I hope I can inspire a couple more people... because I believe in this that much. It will be cool if I can. I still have 982 days to go.

More goals coming in on the horizon. Hopefully a Rocky Horror viewing on Halloween, Epcot's Food & Wine on the 8th, and perhaps I will try my hand at something exceptionally challenging... don't complain about anything for a week. Last week (or maybe just the weekend) saw its fair share of angry craziness for no particular reason. People were just abnormally edgy. I attribute it to the full moon. Either way... this week I hope to switch that around... at least for me.

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