Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm frustrated with the world tonight. A little angry at society.

I decided I needed a cannoli on the way home from work this evening. (I know, shocking, Gina wanted dessert food.) As I was leaving the little Italian place a lady approached me in the parking lot asking for help. She told me her sister had been in a car accident in Tampa and was in the hospital and she was trying to get there but was out of gas and out of money to get any. I told her I didn't have any cash on me - which is the truth - and kept walking.

The thing is, if I thought it was true... that she really was in this predicament... I probably would have stopped by the closest ATM to get her some money. Because really, what's 20 bucks to me when it could be getting someone to see a loved one in trouble?

I was a little bit disgusted, driving away, that someone would tell that kind of sob story just to weasel money out of someone. And I was also a bit disgusted with myself for assuming that's what she was doing.

I am incredibly naive, I know I am. And it has gotten me into trouble before and probably will again. I don't mind that so much. Because I don't mind thinking that the world and the people in it are good and honest. What makes me crazy is that that is not an OK way to be. I shouldn't have to be the one to change my outlook. It's maddening that in order to be smart I have to assume the worst of people, expect that everyone has an ulterior motive, and leave people crying in the middle of a rainy parking lot.

The woman asked me to pray for her sister. I told her I would.

So Elizabeth... if you are legit... I hope you are okay, and that you hang in there, and that you get to see your sister soon. She is trying very hard to get to you.

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