Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Progress

So... a million years ago I attempted the couch to 5k running plan but alas it did not go so well. I don't have an iphone (damn you blasted smart phones) and staring at my ipod to keep track of the 30 second intervals while I was running was really annoying. But running a 5k is on my list so... it's time to work on things again.

I found a podcast on itunes called 5k101 and downloaded it for free. This morning was my first day. It's different from couch to 5k. Instead of teeny 20 second intervals it starts you off at 2 minutes. I think I like this better. Anyway... the last interval nearly killed me but I made it through. And I have 2 more chances to get it right this week before moving on to the next step.

Jamie and I are going to try and do the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in October. I won't be ready to run the whole thing that soon (it will be my practice run I guess). I have my eye on the annual Turkey Trot. I hope there's one in Richmond.

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